Being a Good Friend and Citizen

If one thinks that they are obliged to give no thought to the internal realities and social wellbeing of others beyond agreeing not to break the law in dealing with them and if one believes that only furthering oneself materially defines Social Activity…

… then such a person posses neither the inclination or emotional equipment to participate as someone who is predisposed to inform themselves as to what might be wholesome for Human Society or understand the imperatives of sharing a Community and a Global Environment as a Friend as Citizen. Such a person is a toxic element in the lifeblood of Democracy.

In fact, if one has no natural good-natured curiosity about the goings on of other people, the flora and fauna of Life, and the events and ways of Other Places beyond getting whatever knowledge is useful to profit themselves…

… then, however gilded and praised, such a self-imprisoned life is an anemic and impoverished place unfit as a lamp to keep enkindled the fire of a Human Light. Such a person is a darkness in the daylight of Democracy.


And whosoever belittles these aforesaid sentiments, then they themselves are most certainly remain an obstacle in the road of Democracy. 

182 words (201 words when in full) by Leo Rivers

on Being a Good Friend and Citizen

Cottage Grove, Oregon, Wednesday, July 4, 2012 7:01:21 AM


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