Leo Rivers Bio: 

Leo Rivers is a poet and Buddhist who lives in cottage Grove Oregon, about 20 miles south of Eugene in a little town of 10,000 diverse souls on the coast fork of the Willamette. Born in the paranoid Manichaean US versus the Soviet empire shadows of World War II - graduated in time in 1969 to drive up the I-5 Freeway and spend a year in the Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, which was like a Bangladesh refugee camp for all the abused children of the American Midwest. (Sometime I'm going to have to tell that story.) City Lights was there as was Lawrence Ferlinghetti and the readings up on the North Beach. Tried New York City for year after that, and took my true love back to California. [Insert the big middle of the book here.] I have been published in Denali magazine in about 10 times now. And now I have a little home built in the 1930s and a half feral female cat has decided that I'm her two black kitten’s daddy. Cottage Grove has an amazing cultural scene. I found home. 

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