Between the privacy of my thoughts and the words I choose to speak lay a boundary. Between the words I speak, as an aside to another, and the speech as made in the larger society of the office, place of recreation, or to a public assembly lay a boundary. And the curiosity of the millions of the consumers of Global Information lays on the far side of still yet another boundary

There is a boundary between the speech of those who are intimate and all others, as well as one between those who are family and the rest of the world. These are boundaries of personal relationships, but there are also boundaries of public space. For instance, there is a boundary between one's house and property and the Public Space and Civic concern, and yet another that divides the space we share in the streets of our community from those economic markets and social institutions that are the larger commons of our nation. These spaces and boundaries are spaces and boundaries open to negotiation. There are human demands of intimacy and so support these demands there are cultural social customs that assist us to negotiate these forms of communication.

And here is the Problem.

There is not one of these boundaries that at the outset of the 21st century that have not been ruptured by both corporate-commercial intrusion by data-mining as well as governmental surveillance for a kind of ever ongoing secret anti-democratic census that results in Watch-Lists and No-Fly Lists, and other even more chilling para-military pre-planning. 

And all of this has been accomplished behind closed doors by invisible ‘professionals’ who can shrug off the impact on human dignity by this state of total violation - a violation that strips  every man, woman and child of the boundaries by which human beings retain our dignity. Who asked for all this? Did anyone notice it happening? Non of this vast infrastructure was put in place over night. But is seems that we are to be ‘taken care of’, not ‘consulted’.

It is as if an un-elected secret elite of Watchers now stand, night and day, as nurses with clipboards, covertly observing a room full of children at play from an adjoining room behind a one-way glass mirror for some ever ongoing Scientific Test. Such a twisted re-interpretation of the words ‘Eternal Vigilance’ seems to have become a Magic-Spell that dissolves their intrusion into our basic humanity and caused it all to recede into the walls that surround us all in our homes and workplaces - like Muzak at the Mall. 

It is to this matter of boundaries we need to turn our attention.


441 words by  Leo Rivers, Cottage Grove, Monday, April 20, 2015 10:00:37 PM

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