BOUNDARIES (THREE)                                      

You don't know from what background other people were born, what their life experiences have been, or how they were molded by the good and evil that befell them. However smart you are, or however proud you are of your heritage or belief system, when you look at a stranger the proportion of their truth that you see is just as insufficient as they see when they first cast their eyes on you.

This boundary of not knowing each other at all is an abyss and it is this division into which our world pours as if our world were an ocean on a great earthquake had opened a mighty crevasse down the middle between North and South and East and West.

I truly believe as HG Wells said "the World is on a race between Education and Catastrophe" - our Species has derived such Black Profit from Lies & Manipulation for so many centuries that any reality beyond the domination of one man by another seems small beer. It seems to me from watching the TV that idea of Hypotheses and Experiment Demonstrated Theory and the Peer Reviewed Understandings of Science posses less charm and capacity for suasion than a Political Bully’s shouted boast, and the ugly sexual excitement of a mob worked up with excitement and cruelty in the street.

Military Pride, the thrill of Attack, and powerful romance of feeling Wronged. We love best our Sad Songs, and rush with their banners undaunted by the prospect of ruining other people’s lives or our own World’s Destruction.

And why should anyone listen to Reason when the Apes are waving their Truncheons, and Hard Words have our Blood Boiling?

Look into the Abyss with me, and read a little History Lesson of 1914 and 1933. As a Democratic Socialist, Buddhist and Atheist I may be your idea of the perfect target for mockery - but Worlds can End, my friend. Wrong Minded Men and Women driven by Selfishness and the tickle of being thwarted in their Vanity and Enmity can end the World in a moment of passion. With the Exhaustion of the bounty of Eden, little respect for the Tree of Knowledge, and impatience with our lot - all these things conspire against the Prophet and hate the innocence of young Lovers.

Take a deep breath please. Think of your own Mortality and how much you depend on and must live with your Neighbors.

These boundaries that seem to divide us are also the places at which men of Good Will go when it is a Friend they seek.


428 words by Leo Rivers, , Cottage Grove, OR, 2:28 Am, 03/19/2016

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