What we do means more than what we say. Isn't that what parents are supposed to tell themselves when looking into the mirror after disciplining a son or daughter who made a poor choice in their behavior? Is there a boundary dividing what is good for the Goose from what is good for the Gander? If the FBI demands special backdoors in our cell phones and computers, don't we as citizens have the right to demand that we see the secret TTIP & TTP 1. trade agreements or the workings of our own government made behind closed doors? If we, the people, who elect those who speak for the US as a nation do not see anything wrong in them designating some bureaucratic paperwork,(drafted by unelected unknown men), sufficient legal process to designate citizens of other nations lawful targets of drone assassination, who are we to protest when we ourselves become a target? Who are we to protest the stationing of a division of the United States military on US soil 2. or the special powers of federal and metropolitan law enforcement to employ paramilitary tactics in civilian neighborhoods? After all, a United States Joint Forces Command publication of 2010 discusses the military role in context of natural disasters, radical ideologies, the problem of weak and failing states, and the globalization of terrorism, all of which could be applied to domestic crisis within the United States. Taken in this light a statement like “While the most important mission of the American military has been to fight and win the nation’s wars, the ability of U.S. forces to deter conflict has risen to equal footing.” 3. takes on a whole new meaning, one I think is actually uncontroversial! 

Folks who are accustomed to the habit of thinking in terms of the United States of America as being an expression of the humanist values of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and Bill of Rights, folks who have a habit of thinking of the United States are being “all about the rights and dignity of the individual” - they are in for a shock! 

The globalization of economic, military and political interests on the part of every major nation state makes for a web of interconnected ‘incompatible sets of hopes and fears’ that 24-7 threatens to break up like melting ice under the continual covert struggle between those who govern those nation-states. In studying H.G. Wells, (the one most people don't know about, the one who believed that the world was on a race between education and catastrophe), my eyes were opened to just how much fear those who had education, a scientific background, and a global outlook felt when they looked out at the world on the advent of World War I and saw the arms producing nations of Europe becoming destabilized by secret treaties and a terrible fear that an other nation might get the jump on them. In 1910 this included Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany and Russia. There are now scores of nations playing The Great Game - all of which have secret treaties, are constantly in shifting covert alliance with others, all who through the mass-media, electronic surveillance, and para-militarization of the police all seem ready to view their own citizenry as a potential enemy nation. 

In this interconnected world, what will it look like if our World comes apart the way the world came apart in the first decades of the twentieth century? When there are no boundaries between nations and no boundaries between governance and those governed, what is to prevent a plague from sweeping across the entire face of the Earth?

1. (TTIP) Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership & (TTP) Trans-Pacific Partnership

2. See: Posse Comitatus Act.

3. [THE JOINT OPERATING ENVIRONMENT (JOE) Distribution Statement A: Approved for Public Release February 18, 2010,part IV, THE IMPLICATIONS FOR THE JOINT FORCE, Sec1:60]


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