Getting over yourself makes room for others - it is an opening of space that is the first step of the Practice of Generosity.

Think of picking a scab on the back of your arm draws your focus in to make you withdraw your horizon in excluding the World as an octopus moving into an abandoned shell.

What is the object of focused attention increases in aspect and solidity. If you worship a god it grows in might and presence in the company of gods.

Suffering can become a powerful whirlpool that gains in speed the louder you scream - even if you imprison it in silence.

Forms imprisoned in shadows - their solidity dissolves when made the object of dispassionate observation.

Dispassion of observation leeches the venom of solidity to the degree we dilate our horizon with inclusion of others and let go of self centeredness.

Generosity of recognition of suffering as the Condition of incarnation opens the heart and lets the terrible darkness of selfishness flee an open house of the heart.

This is why a Bodhisattva can engage altruistic intention and conduct and then lay down in the grass like a bee at the end of its season.

A sting on the back of the arm can be the mouth of a well we cast ourself in or the window to a heart big enough to be a door through which you can welcome all the world.

That is the Gate of Generosity we can make of our own suffering.

 © Leo Rivers 2013