The Buddha Yoga MindeDness

Those who give privilege and precedents to the second turning of the wheel of the Buddha Dharma over the third turning of the wheel of the Buddha Dharma make three errors, one against the Dharma one against the Sangha and one against the Buddha.

The "sutra that the elucidates the deep meaning" is quite clear. There are five deep points regarding the ultimate nature. This is been pointed out by Asanga in his commentary on "the sutra that elucidates the deep meaning". But in brief, the ultimate nature is beyond dualism and argumentation. Therefore the argumentation of the dualistic thought of the second turning the wheel of Dharma which opposes the relative and absolute realities does not apply in the ultimate sense. This is a mis-use of the Dharma. 

 It is in error as regards the Sangha for there would be no meaning to "following the Buddhist footsteps" if the path did not apply to the goal. The distinction between the path in relative reality and the goal consummate reality is one that appears only to mind still lost of dualistic thought. Such a cutting loose of the fellowship of those who follow in the Buddha's footsteps from possibility of a path that accomplishes the goal is to make an arrogance against the Sangha. 

And it is a human error to always wish to elevate those we wish to follow to a level in which we no longer can follow them but simply obey them as if they were the Lord or a Deity. Who would judge a mere human being of not accomplishing the level of accomplishment of a God or even a King? But that is the disingenuous explanation. The Buddha was a man, and he made error as all people make error. He had to follow a path just as we do. If he was not human being we could not follow in his footsteps! Growth is the nature of the path and the Buddhist teachings themselves are a path in a traveling. So like all men and women have to go from one place to another, sometimes getting lost, sometimes coming back to the main path even Buddhism can stray and return to the Middle Way. 

Not being humble - that is a crime against the Buddha's intent. 

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