The Buddha's Intention

The Buddha's Intention - The Opening Of The Lotus Way

The World beats us and we go back to the World like a slave again and again. It is as if we would be lost without our chains. The ways of the World betray us and we go back again and again, like a bruise covered wife thinking, “this time things will be different”. We are crazy.

We have all heard of the Buddha, we have all seen a statue of the man, legs crossed, feet on thighs, palm on palm, peace in his eyes. We “get it”. He has put off his chains and found a serene house to dwell in.

But even though we have his words written down, we put the book on the shelf with the other books like a bookmark we will never return to. It is just an object. We may pay it lip service, or, when we feel others' eyes on us, prostrate to it. But treating it like it belongs to us, fighting about it, the book with the Buddha's words locked up in it is just another one of our chains.

In the BOOK WHICH ELUCIDATES THE FULLY OPENED LOTUS OF THE BUDDHA'S INTENT we are directly introduced to our predicament.

This, upon my reason and heart's conversation in the intimacy of having no agenda but seeking Reality, is what I have found to be - The Buddha's Intention. The Buddha arrived at his intention as the culmination of his investigation which asked “where did this Self come from, where did this World come, what is the root of our suffering and the medicine for it?” during the 3 watches of the night that he spent in meditation under the bodhi tree.

The emptiness of self and phenomena is a recognition on the part of the person and mindfulness of their own participation in the creation of the universe of their experience. It is the Buddhist intention that by following in his footsteps that a bodhisattva comes to see the reality of their situation as a karma creating self creation and take responsibility for their actions.

It is the goal of awakening to see one's experience as the consequences of bewildered beings, and un-deluded anymore, selflessly act as medicine for all those still suffering from the foundational ignorance of believing the ground of their experience to be a self. Even in the repose of peace in meditation the Buddha was moved to go into the nightmare world which is nothing but a fruition of the millennia of accumulated karma created by actions driven and designed by self-serving delusion. The Buddha knew what he knew and still was moved to live his life benefiting beings.

This is the Buddha's intention.

However handsome, any other assertion is not the Buddhist intention.

 © Leo Rivers 2013