The Central Point

Why is the World so much like an avalanche? Why are people so disinclined to make their leaders lead their nations in their best interests? Why do leaders never learn from history or see further into the future from their high vantage of power and leisure?

Why are people so oblivious to the reality of each other and so willing to let the dog packs of human cruelty free to tyrannize the ways of the World?

It is because each of us is cast down into the Well of our Selfishness.

We each see only as far into the night as our own campfire light. This great darkness that surrounds us was created by withdrawing the illumination of our mindfulness to the bag of our own skin.

Unselfishness if the natural medicine for all our ills.

Unselfishness naturally raises the lamp of our understanding and compassion for others higher and higher, illuminating more and more of the World and all those in it as unselfishness grows stronger in us.

Buddhism is the religion that, emotionally as to Motivation, and intellectually as a Path, is built on the ground of Unselfishness.

This Path is a transformation of the ground of us from self-centeredness to altruism.

This is the Key Point of the masters of the yoga of  Buddhist mindfulness.

Leo Rivers, Garage House, Cottage Grove, OR

Sunday, May 27, 2012 4:03 AM

 © Leo Rivers 2013