The cool wisdom Moonlight of Maitreya

The cool wisdom Moonlight of Maitreya - a concise summary of the Buddhist path for a generation and a world so full of bewilderment that it's lamp it is difficult to find in the storm

The entry into the Buddhist path comes about by turning away from Samsara as a refuge and going for refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. It is carried forward by overcoming the 5 hindrances within the 1st stage of meditation accomplishment and accomplishing the reorientation to a Buddhist life as measured by the manifestation of the 37 factors of enlightenment in the 2nd stage of meditation accomplishment.

The practice of Buddhist meditation is carried forward by calming the mind and insight wisdom which culminates in the effortless ability to fall into undistracted alert and concentrated meditation. This is also called access concentration.

Calming the mind is measured by obtaining the 9 stages of concentration and the capacity to ascend the 4 formless meditative absorptions which culminate at the summit of the 4th Dhyana or Jnana.

Insight wisdom is measured by that progress through the 5 stages of meditation accomplishment to the 3rd stage called “seeing” in which one has the experience of the Buddha’s insight. This experience is the entry into the 1st of the 10 bodhisattva abodes called “the joyous”. It culminates into ripening in the 8th bodhisattva abode as is described in the “10 stages sutra”.

Ascent through the 10 bodhisattva abodes traverses the 4th stage of meditation accomplishment called “meditation”. This culminates in the 9th and 10th abodes of the bodhisattva career.

This is a life spent knowing Nirvana through insight but not abandoning beings still stranded in Samsara, having taken the oath to not go into Nirvana as complete cessation but remain a Buddha with remains as the bodhisattva of the 10th stage until all other beings have been rescued.

This is accomplished by maintaining once equipoise of conduct outside of meditation within the para-tantra of discrimination mind that stands between the relative truth of the illusory world of Samsara and the absolute truth of Buddha mind emptiness luminosity.

Liberation is the transformation in the ground in which results from continually monitoring ones planting the seeds of karma, distinguishing between deeds that lead to deeper delusion and deeds that are informed by the knowledge of the 4 Noble truths and dependent origination.

This transformation in the ground of the 8th consciousness is made possible by repeated descent to the brink of cessation, a process which is measured as the ascent through the 4 formless realms of jnana or dhyana, a preparation by familiarity with releasing once hold on being which weakens the habitual flight towards being, thus undercutting the foundation of the 7th ego centralizing consciousness and weakening the membrane of connection between the 7th and the 8th consciousness of the ground, thus facilitating the transformation of the 8th consciousness into Buddha wisdom. At one time some thought this cessation itself was Nirvana. Subsequently the necessity of cessation practice was lost, leading others to believing either an uneventful mind or some conceptual sophistry might be an entrance into Nirvana.

If that is liberation then Bodhi it is surely the Enlightenment enjoyed by resting at the peak of the 4th meditative absorption in which the embodiment of emptiness insight and once bodhisattva altruistic intention in mindfulness naturally is expressed as someone who is spontaneously the medicine for all who are fortunate enough to meet them on the path of life.

In these few words is my understanding of the clear completion of the bodhisattva path under the cool moonlight of Buddha wisdom.

by Leo Rivers, the Garage House, Cottage Grove Oregon, Monday, May 7, 2012 6:57:57 AM

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