Wait until the Soufflé Falls

The Truth about 'Class War' in America

While I agree with so much of what has been said about management of public money by critics of our Tax system, I am afraid we live in a world in which our “freedom of choice” to determine how money is spent is seen as being properly a choice of foods, clothing and other manufactured goods channeled through corporate distribution channels.

While a largely symbolic tax the wealthy surcharge may be levied against the super duper rich - it will only be a way to maintain the appearance of our Beauty Contest System of choosing between Mean Face and Happy Face Corporate Population Managers (Presidents).

No serious person believes the USA or any significant nation will cease weapons manufacturing, stop vying for the remaining Natural Resources, or in any serious way consider a National Economic re-structuring based on crating a economic structure configured to a self-sufficient society built on internal national resources. The last hurrah in viable across the board Social Change was the failure of the Equal Rights Amendment in 1983. It was no accident of History that the Air Traffic Controllers Union was broken by President Reagan in 1981. The whole idea of “mass change” is a pipe-dream - look at the results of the Arab Spring. Even now “Here comes the New Boss, same as the old boss” is playing as the elevator goes down.

Permitted Social Discourse in all significant nations is limited to Population Management. Try a General Strike in the United States and see just why we now have US Troops stationed conveniently on US Soil. By the way, did you see how Kim Kardashian’s new husband is dissing her all over town? That fool!

 © Leo Rivers 2013