Buddhist Socialism

NOTE: There is no higher voice that speaks than the voice within the human heart of conscience.

  • There is no voice of nationstate or government, whether President or King nor some proclamation issued by an assemblage of arrogant men that can shout down the voice of the conscience.
  • There is no court whose ruling that can issue a higher ruling than the ruling of conscience.
  • There is no imaginary voice from ancient religion or written fetish of dogma that can displace or dismiss the dictates made by the conscience of an honest heart beating in the chest of men and women.
  • Irregardless of the rhetoric of some academic choir or the voice of the public, (as supposedly spoken for in a public media), the human conscience remains the only entity or agency that can speak with the authority of the conscience.

And when the conscience is informed by some knowledge of the human character due to experience in life, and then is further informed by the lessons that history has provided us, (if we but listen to them!), we will bear witness to the truth that all empires and religions rise and fall like that tumult of cascades over rocks in a river - and in some seasons flood and and in other suffer drought and wither. All of them! Dogmas and dictators implore us to, individually and in gangs, go out to rob and murder, but however convincing their case in the heat of the moment and in the midst of the struggle of man against man, in the better mirror of history we can guess most accurately they are all exercises in indefensible selfishness and ultimate futility. 

It is the conscience so informed that knows that no one has the right to take what is another’s, especially their freedom or their life, because by doing so you rob them of that one thing that is given by heaven and not the convenience of powerful men, and that is the exercise of their conscience.

Any refusal allow men and women to follow their conscience, (within their own natural sphere of speech and body and social relationships), is oppression. And any conscientious objection to such oppression is a defense of what, for all of us, is highest in our humanity. Such is the duty of all men and women of conscience. For example, Truth can never be made unlawful. Truth is the language of conscience. Telling the truth in the face of a demonic law that makes truth unlawful is an act of conscience and the work of a conscientious objector who would be a passionate friend to his community. Examples of other conscientious objection are found wherever there is exploitation or oppression of one by another. This duty of spiritually empowered conscience is but the social face of kindness, and it is the act of an un-self-centered and socially aware citizen who would be considered a good, (spiritual), friend. It is that “loving kindness of friendship” that is the meaning of the root syllable in the name of the Buddhist bodhisattva Maitreya. Maitreya, as a name, is a phrase that denotes “good spiritual friend“. And expressing this “Maitreya” principle, (by any person of any faith or even no faith), is accomplished by all acts of kindness, generosity and opposition to the worldly and the arrogant who would deny the people in the shadow of their coercive power the freedom to act with conscience. - a friend of Maitreya

 © Leo Rivers 2016